Become a reporter in the feed and food market

How It Works

You have experience in the feed and food market

We’re on the lookout for knowledgeable individuals in the feed and food market sector. As a part of our team, you’ll be expected to provide weekly reports on assigned products, shedding light on demand levels and current market prices. It’s crucial for our readers to understand the factors influencing price fluctuations, whether they are rising, falling, or holding steady. This role involves interacting with market players, gathering insights, and sharing them with our audience. A keen sense for both local and global market trends is essential.


Proficiency in English


Proven experience in the feed or food market

Interested Product Groups and Reporting Flexibility:

Spices – Fruits – Grains – Oilseeds – Nuts – Pulses


Language of Reporting: Native Language Permitted


Reporting Scope: Option to Cover One or Multiple Products

First step

Please use the following link to join our editorial team.

Quick Check

Our editorial team will review your submitted details for verification.

Contact After Verification

After a successful review, we will reach out to you for further steps

Finalizing Details

Once in contact, we’ll determine the products you’ll report on and outline the terms of remuneration.