Become a reporter in the feed and food market

How It Works

You have experience in the feed and food market

We are looking for colleagues who are familiar with the trade in feed and food raw materials. You should be able to report once a week on the products you are entrusted with. It is important for our readers to know how much the product is in demand and at what prices it is traded. In your opinion, what events have led to prices rising, falling or remaining the same? You talk to market participants and gather information that you share with us. You have a feel for market developments, whether local or global, and we are interested in them.


You speak English


You already have experience in the feed or food market

We are interested in the following product groups:

Spices – Fruits – Grains – Oilseeds – Nuts – Pulses


You can write the reports in your native language


You can choose whether you write about one product or several products

First step

You can register with our editorial team using the following link.

Quick Check

After registration, the editorial team will check your details

We will get in touch with you

We will contact you after a positive check.

We make agreements with you

We will discuss with you which products you will write about and of course the payment