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Commodity Board Türkiye

Ibrahim Zavlak

Ibrahim Zavlak is responsible for CMB Turkey

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Meghna Thakkar

Meghna Thakkar is responsible for CMB India.

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Michael Gütlich

Michael Gütlich is responsible for CMB Europe.


Who can become a member?

All companies can open an account. Basic membership is open to all companies. The Business and Enterprise Membership is aimed at brokers who are looking for a software through which they can trade commodities.

Find out more about the services we provide for you at:

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How can I become a supplier and does it cost anything?

If you are a producer, farmer or trader in the raw materials sector and want to sell, there is no membership fee. Register under the following link. After a brief check of the information you have provided and a favourable decision, a broker will contact you.

Click below to go to the registration for suppliers.

Where can I buy the products and raw materials?

Only brokers trade commodities with us. If you would like to receive offers, you can take out a free membership. Free membership to receive regular offers.

As a broker, why should I choose to work with you?

Time is as valuable to us as it is to you. With our professional team, you can do in seconds what would take hours.

Imagine a brokerage system. Imagine being able to access sales prices, specifications, the latest developments in agricultural products with a single click, without having to search for suppliers, without having to make dozens of phone calls, without having to deal with email traffic. All your contacts are there and you can send them emails from here. Your history with your contacts, all your correspondence, all your notes are in this system.

And you have done it, you have received your first order from your customer. No need to open Word, just one click and your contract is ready.

It’s that simple.

Why would I be a supplier on the Commodity Board?

Imagine you have a team of brokers at your disposal that you don’t have to pay anything to. All you have to do is keep your prices up to date.

You may not know English, German, Polish… but we do and we are ready to sell for you.

In short, the answer to this question is actually related to how much you want to sell, how much you want to open up to the world.