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Smart, Simple Trading

Trading starts every day with the latest news about commodities. Information such as price trends, harvest volumes and enquiries as well as offers are essential for successful trading. The Commodity Board Europe offers its traders everything they need for trading on one platform.

Business Commodity Trading

Easy-To-Use Trading Tools

Our traders see current price charts. But we go one step further and not only display current and historical data. We also show the news along the price development. So that our traders always know why prices have risen or fallen. An important aid in commodities trading.

Business Commodity Trading

Always Keeping An Eye On The Market

Commodity trading is always on the move every day of the year. AI supports CMBroker 24/7 so you don’t miss a thing.

Business Commodity Trading

Trader Overview

Trader/Broker overview, where to find what, in what quality and at what price. The delivery prices are also provided automatically based on this information.

Business Commodity Trading

Our CRM module for commodity trading

Our CRM module is optimised for commodity trading. From address management and quotation to futures management and brokerage, no wish remains unfulfilled. This is how trading works today. So you can concentrate fully on the customer.

Business Commodity trading

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Our employees have many years of experience in the feed and food commodities trade. The entire complexity of trading is covered by CMBroker. CMBroker answers all questions relating to commodities. Every commodity offered is standardised, has a price, specification, analyses and a location where it comes from and where it is at the moment.